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Ace Cafe Warning


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wonder what will happen if 12 or so members of LOC (one with a camera) turn back around and tell em to remove it.. or hell even phone the police or better still if 20 or 30 jap car enthusiasts turn around and tell em to remove the clamp..

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If there was a sign stating that your car maybe clamped then the thugs have a right to clamp any car they like as long as it's not on a public highway. They can even demand as much as they like to remove it.

If there is no sign then beat the :tsktsk: out of them, thieving scumbags.... :angry::angry:

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pauls right ya know!

wahooo im right im right im right.. you know sometimes i might not be right, but im never wrong.. :P

if that happens to anyone of us, i think you should say to the thugs, hold up mate i'll just go and get you 'payment' then whip round the corner and get the whole ace cafe down to give em 280 smacks errr quid..

or just call the police.

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