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How to get Music playing from USB stick

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Hi All 

I have a 2011 IS200D Advance , and i'm trying to get the Entertainment System to play music from the USB slot in the centre console. 

I have put music on a couple of Flash drives varying in size from 4GB to 16GB , and cannot get the music to play.

The larger USB stick wasn't recognised at all when i selected "USB" , the smaller stick was recognised by the System , but just shows nothing on it. 

I've sorted them so its only music (no other type of media jpeg , mp4 etc) , i've put the albums into folders 

Is there a certain format they need to be in , is there a max size of USB stick that can be used , i'm pulling my hair out because if i hear Senorita on the radio one more time i'll kill someone 🙂 

Thanks in Advance 

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Mine plays okay in my  250 f sport, admittedly I had to use a San Disk memory stick,as an unbranded on didn't seems to work(formatted stick was to fat32 and music download in mp3 format).Have used mainly 8 and 16gb sticks. 

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Mine works too, although it's probably a different system to yours (2013 RX450h Advance) so I don't know how useful that info will be to you.

64GB flash drive, audio files in mp3 format, parent folder is artist name and sub-folders are albums, like this:

LED Zeppelin
     Led Zeppelin 1
     Led Zeppelin 2
     Led Zeppelin 3

     Back In Black
     Highway To Hell
     High Voltage

Pink Floyd
     The Wall
     Wish You Were Here
     Dark Side Of The Moon

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