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Bola B1 alloys - gunmetal grey. London, UK

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For those too lazy to click:

A set of Bola B1 alloys on gunmetal grey with premium economy sports tyres.
Less than 600 miles in the wheels and tyres themselves.
All kerbed as the wife simply can't park. A shame as they're beautiful wheels. All touched in apart from one, can supply the touch in pen.

8.5j front
9.5j rear
Stud pattern 5x114. 3
Centre spigots included
40 profile on the tyres
They sit flush with the car, the stance is lovely and they fill the arches out perfectly.

Exact fittings
8.5X18 5X114.3 ET40 
9.5X18 5X114.3 ET35

Grab a bargain, cost me a lot more than this! Tyres are virtually as new with SO much tread left. They grip very, very well in the dry and wet. Never once had them break loose - obviously not range topping Michelin's, but for daily road use, perfect. Nice and quiet, good feedback, etc.

Willing to ship at buyers cost, suppose I could send outside the UK, but again - at buyers cost.

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