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Last night my 2007 LS460 broke down for the first time since I have owned it ( 2 years, 6 months ). Firstly had the engine generation warning, then overheating warning. Pulled over, was losing coolant. Called the AA who pulled out the loose timimg belt. Got recovered home and will get to my local garage next week.

AA man thought probably a seized pulley caused belt to come loose. Any thoughts from anyone - Possible cost etc. ?


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I dont think it was the timing belt as the 460 as a chain the liklehood it was the serpentine belt which drives all the ancillaries power steering pump and alternator.

To get at the timing chain is a major job in the workshop and on the 460 unlike the 400 and 430 it does not drive the water pump this I think is the job of the serpentine belt hence the overheating.

It may well be a siezed water pump or it could be one of the tensioner pulleys that's failed or least hassle of all a failed serpentine belt.

Anyway it won't be as costly as my timing belt failure caused by a siezed water pump on my Mark 1 yonks ago.

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