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I Want Another Lexus!


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For power cossie was mental, but not comfy, anyhow it rolled down a hill into a shop in the snow and is now a right off, so still driving this 406 round, anyone got a nice lex for sale, ??

Bison :zee:

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I'm not sad to say that I have sold my LS400 after only 2 months of ownership.

You may think I'm mad but i'm now the proud owner of a mentally fast Sierra RS Cosworth, it is the most exciting thing i've ever driven, not boring like my lexus.

Lexus are quiet, comfortable and make you feel tired, but I have a nice bed for that! The cosworth is such an improvement much nicer to drive, might be a bit noisier but what the hell.

The Lexus was to expensive to run, parts were silly prices and it wasn;t worth the money in my opinion,

Funny thing was my Cossie came with Lexus Mats!!

See ya round, (In my rearview!!)


see this thread and count how many predictions were scarily true? :lol::lol:

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i was joshing you matey.. have to take my humour lightly matey.... I wasnt talking about html either.

Get looking for a soarer buddy and make sure you look round a few first.. dont buy the first one you see.

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