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Ex-demo Special Edition

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Hi... I am a newbie to this board and was hoping you could help with some general advice on the Special Edition

My local Lexus dealer has a Kodiak Sky Special Edition Demo (Is200 Auto) which he is selling for £19995.... I've been out for the test driv etc and really loved it but the dealer feels that the £3k off the list for a 3 month old car is enough and doesn't seem too willing to come down any more.

What I wanted to know was, is he right, or do you think I should try to get a bit more off the price?



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lol not bragging just comparing what you get for the same money,

so the LE comes with full leather, HID, cromatic rear view mirror, armrest, sportier front grill and err 17" 11spoke dokeys.

hmm the IS300 has all of the above plus 18" spokeydokeys, and a bigger engine..although the grill aint 'sporty' but hey..

i know where i would spend that kind of money.

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man you can get a year old IS300 with sat nav and 11k on the clock for that money.

From a man in the know

Not that he's bragging or anything :D

But look where he had to go to get at that price :whistling:

If you like the car go for it. Its a good saving, i've heard of some people getting up to 4k off, but as this is an LE i doubt they will come down any more, just play the waiting game.

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lol im sure i could have got he car sent down to another dealership.. but anyways,, yes if you like the LE then go for it man.. only 850 built..


I think its only if they are owned by the same group.

Bristol have access to oxford and bhams stock (i think), but not swindons.

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