LS 430 Bank 1 misfire

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For past few months I was puzzled by the car giving me a few light shakes on idle every now an then.  These jerks last a sec. or two, and are are a bit stronger when starting from cold engine, and they are more pronouced when the engine temp gauge passes about the first mark on the dash. On normal operating temp. the effect is very light, however still noticeable, as these V8s should be super-smooth if running properly.

Today I've connected the Techstream, and read the monitors.

I have misfires detected on Bank 1, - cyls 1, 3, 5, 7. As you can see on the pic, cyl. 1 seems to be the most affected (26 counts), cyl. 3 (24), cyl. 5 (8), and cyl 7 (2).

There are no other fault codes, check engine lights, etc.

I have taken the VVTi valve of bank 1 out - it is clean, moving freely, the coil seems to have the right resistance (about 7.5 ohm).

Also when idling, the voltage on the valve is about 1.5 V.


Any ideas?

Would this be a symptom of the VVTi valve starting to fail?


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I cannot help with your query but I think I may have the same problem as you - I feeling a vibration through the driver seat on hot engine idle - I've had the bonnet up on when running and the engine is definitely not smooth as it used to be - I hoping to have it hooked upto a code reader when I get a chance.

Please do post up a solution if you get to the bottom of it.

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