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Weve had our 2009 Lexus RX 450 for 5 years now , serviced every year by Lexus and has never had a problem.

Got in it this morning and lots of Warning lights flashing and showing DSS1, FR.ACT.STAB, RR ACT STAB, and AIR SUSPENSION.

The Orange Engine Warning Light is Flashing, The Red Airbag Light and the Red Electric Power Steering Light . Also the Orange Anti Skid and a couple of Orange Lights with it were flashing but stopped when i started driving .

The Car seems to be driving lovely as it always has done with all these lights flashing !

Any ideas anyone ? Going to give Guildford Lexus a ring tomorrow .

Thanks in advance.

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This is usually a sign that the 12V Battery is failing.

If you have a multimeter, measure the standing voltage of the Battery and check against the chart below. Then start the car (put it into the READY state) and check voltage at the Battery terminals again - this time it should read about 14.2 - 14.5 if the DC/DC converter is working correctly.

If you haven't got a multimeter, I suggest you go and buy one as they are very handy things and have lots of uses so they're a good thing to have. You can get them from below a tenner at places like B&Q, Screwfix et al locally, or amazon and eBay online.


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