Lexus IS200 (2003) - vibrating in first gear

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Few days ago I bought myself Lexus IS200 Manual and besides some rust it is a lovely car. 🙂 I got a well maintained car with service history. But I have another problem, when I start and drive in the first gear, giving it some gas and slowly releasing the clutch pedal to move, the car starts to vibrate (quite a lot and it is really noticable), but if I give it some more gas (1.4k-1.7k) and release it more quickly, it drives just fine. What might be the issue? In top of my head, I think it could be:

  • transimssion mounts
  • drive shaft center bearing
  • flywheel
  • clutch?? although it grabs quite well (grabs at the end, idk if it normal for these lexuses) and does not slip, so i think clutch is fine

Also on top of that, I feel a slight vibration when just driving in other gears, but I heard that it is normal for the 6 cylinder engines, or am I wrong? 🙂 And also my clutch is kinda squeeking, but I heard that these Lexuses tend to do that and I just need to add some oil.

Some information from the previous owner: he said that he has had this problem for a while already, but didn't pay any attention to it as if you give it enough gas vibration does not appear, also the transmission flood was changed not too long ago. 

Thank you for your help! 🙂

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Sounds like the dual mass flywheel might be on its way out



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Yep, defo that poxy dual mass flywheel! Bad news is that it's gonna cost a grand for one, get it welded up solid.


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