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A Must If Your Fitting An Aftermarket Head Unit


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These might be useful to you, wish it was available when I fitted mine!!!

would have saved loads of trouble!

Shipping end of March

GS300 old kit

new gs

old ls 400, end of march

Hope this is of some help guys!!!

Bison :zee:

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these are ok.. but the main thing you need to watch on these

if the centre dash is at an angle then these kits will be angled on the brackets (USA left hand drive)... so when you come to fit them the brackets angles are wrong... so it causes a big bodge by wiring the brackets to keep them in tight.

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i thought the stereo was actually ok... not as good as my custom install on my old car but for a standard system was quite nice.. do you have Sub woofer in you sport?

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hmm well.. the main speakers need upgrading

try slapping MB Quart speakers in (check to see if its not an active system first)

Rod did this on his series II and transformed the cars stereo.

I will be adding 4 MB quart speakers as these are fantastic speakers!!

I bet the sound wont be tinny any more!

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