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Good morning everyone,

I have a Lexus GS300 2005 plate which has only covered 31,000 miles!

I am not the most technically advanced person and a while back my tyre pressure monitor light came on and after speaking to Lexus who quoted me circa £300 to resolve the problem I decided not to make the repair. However, I am looking to sell the car very soon and also my MOT is up for renewal at the end of November so my hand is being forced.

I live in Elstree, North London so can anyone recommend a garage who is a Lexus specialist or is familiar with the above problems that I can speak with.

I have seen there are posts about changing the batteries but genuinely I have no clue.

Would really appreciate any feedback and my number is 07855 833349.

Thanks in advance.


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It's probably just the colder weather dropping the pressure a bit.

Drive it around for 5 minutes and as the air in the tyre heats up, the pressure in there increases and will put the light out again.

Probably just needs topping up a little bit. Always adjust tyre pressures when the tyres are cold, either before the car moves anywhere or a couple of hours after it's been parked up.

EDIT: Some Youtube videos showing how to replace pressure sensor batteries if that really is what's needed:


The system may just need to be reset, so have a look down that list of videos and you'll see one or two showing you how to do that.

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The TPMS not working is not an mot failure for a 2005 car.

TPMS is only required to be in working order on vehicles after 2014 for the MOT. Vehicles must be fitted with TPMS if built in 2012 on.


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