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Advice Sought On Buying From Car Broker


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Hi! Just joined the club as I'm planning to buy a new IS200. The best price I've found is from car brokers Motorlogix and Drivethedeal. Has anyone used them and can advise me on their experience? Alternatively, do you know a dealer who is likely to compete with their price - approx £1400 net discount? I live in Surrey.

Please pm me if that's more appropriate.

Thanks for your help!

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There is a place advertising in Auto Express that do the IS200 SE Navigator for under £20k, think it is probably Trade-Sales.

Look at the car VERY carefully if you buy from there. A friend of a friend bought and Audi from there and had no end of problems. The car wasn't performing properly and they were told by TS to take it to Audi as it was no longer their problem. When it went to Audi, they discovered the PDI hadn't been done properly and there was the bare minimum of oil and water. To cap it all, the glass needed replacing as it didn't meet UK (EU?) safety standards.

I've heard mixed reports but I guess everyone's experiences are different. If you go there with a clear idea as to what you want/expect, they are very cheap.

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Thanks for your advice. Following some haggling, I've just ordered a new IS200 LE from a nearby Lexus main dealer, with a decent discount and the 3 free service vouchers offer. :)


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