IS300h engine revving between ramps

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Hi All,

Just a quick one and it may be totally normal but just wanted to check as I haven’t had the car long 🙂

Noticed that when I slow down to go over a set of ramps, soon as I go over and accelerate lightly but enough for the engine to come on and not just use electric, the engine revs increase as if I were accelerating harder (even if I’m keeping a relatively consistent speed). When I get to the next ramp and reduce speed and go over the same happens when I get back on the throttle. 

Is this normal? It’s a bit annoying I just say because I’m not really accelerating. 

May just be the way yeh CVT works, but just wanted to check as it’s been bugging me.



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Yes, it's normal, speed is not related with rpm like in fixed ratio gears transmissions. Depressing pedal is proportional to power you ask.

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