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Picking It Up Tomorrow!

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I went to a car garage recently, after driving round a smelly old Diesel knacker for 5 years. There, side-by-side, was a Lexus IS 200 S and a BMW 318i. They both looked mean, they both looked solid.

I couldn't really decide between the two. The 318i was rock-solid and had tremendous build quality - the only thing I could find wrong with it was the fact that it had a tape player and no CD.

I got in the Lexus next - nice, but I was put off slightly by the plastic interior a little.. so that was it .. I was having the BMW.

... do you want to know what changed my mind ?

I started it up.

My ***.. what an absolutely pant-wetting ROOOOOAAARRRR. That's it, bol**cks to everything - I'm having that Lexus.

And so I pick up the Lexus tomorrow !!!

Did I make the right choice ? Also, what do you guys reckon on the interior ? Have you done anything in the cabin to tweak it ? :driving:

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Nice choice never mind the BMW. and wellcome to the club

as for the dash i dont find it to plastic and all the other things the lex has far makes for a better vehicle in my humble opinion.

But i would be biased :whistling: :winky:

Happy :driving: in your new lex

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I must admit, i did expect a better dash for a £25k motor, it werent much better then my 94 primera was about 11-15k?! But like steve says it grows on you!!

O first thing i done was, spray some dash flash and polish it!! ;)

And yes you made the right choice:)

Loads of people with 318's say to me, damm i wish got your now, there was none about when they were looking to buy.

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And with an IS200 it doesn't matter how boring you job is, you look forward to driving to work! My wife works for a Lexus dealer so brings them home every now and then - did this for a year until I broke and bought myself an IS200. Watch a Beemer driver's envy as you drive by them - everyones got one and they know it!!! ;)

I might sell the house and misses and get a 300 next.

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Welocome to the club mate!!! :D

To be honest before i bought mine i wasnt too keen on the dash :unsure: by the time i got home from the dealers it had grown on me :D - it looks even better in the dark with the dash lit up :winky: :driving:

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My missus said...

"So you're telling me that the ONLY reason you chose the Lexus over the BMW was the sound of the engine???"

"Yup", says I, with a big cheesy grin on my face.

I drive up and down the M6 every day and to be honest, although the BMW has the badge - there's too many of them around, they're like bloody Vauxhall Vectras.. :)

8 hours until I pick it up.... :)

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Welcome buddy,

I bought my IS200 Sport on a 51 plate just before Xmas. :P

Missis went mental because of the money i was spending.........Until she witnessed the beast in action, Loves being seen in it now and tells all her mates what the car is like now.

Karlos B)

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