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My Cd Changer Is Broken....please Help

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  • 4 weeks later...

I've got the same problem where the changer whirrs and clicks for about 30 secs. before returning the infamous 'Err3' message. Previously, when I've had this message the CD changer has always managed to sort itself out after a day or so, but this time it's been like this for almost a week. CDs won't go in or out and the CDs that are already in won't play :angry:

So, looks like I may have to make a visit to my local dealer. As far as I know, my car doesn't have an extended warranty (I bought it second hand) and the standard three year warranty expired a long time ago.

Has anyone had to pay to get this problem fixed and if so, how much should I expect to pay?

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Hi Colin,

I'm not Pete and I'm not in the US, oh, and my car is of UK spec. also ;)

You say that Lexus UK have extended the warranty on the CD players due to problems so I might be OK as my car is less than 5 years old ... just. I'll try giving Lexus a call and see what they say.


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I sorted a replacement head unit out over the telephone with lexus chester.

Just gave them a call and details, they gave me an estimated delivery time of 4 weeks, then called me back about 3 weeks later to tell they had the unit in, so I popped down after work and 30 mins later had a new stereo.

Just managed to get out of there without part xing the motor for a new one(gonna wait for the new model)


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Just spoke to Lexus Aberdeen on the phone and they confirmed that the CD is covered under extended warranty. The first thing she asked was how many miles the car had done (rather than the age???) and said the warranty covered up to 100K. Mine has done 51K so I was covered.

I've to take the car in the next time I'm passing as they need to take the existing unit out to get the part number (which is supposedly a 15 minute job) before they can order a new unit. Bit of an inconvience but at least I'm not having to fork out any cash. :)

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Why do they need to take the unit out for a prt number - there are only 2 types - top and bottom loading - Guildford just asked me the one question before ordering mine for me ?

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That's just what she said on the phone.

I have to admit that I was chuffed about not having to pay for anything so just agreed to bringing the car in. The garage is 2 minutes drive from my place of work so I'm not going out my way too much either.

I'll maybe ask when I see them.

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