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Fargo-pauls New Is300

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Paul gave me a call earlier this evening, I knew he had picked up his New IS300 from Scotland.

When he rang I thought there was something wrong, and you know me... I said to Paul ...

Steve " Whats up Paul, don't tell me it's broken down"

Paul " Well actully Steve ......"

Steve " no... really..."

Paul " I pulled into the petrol station Steve, I can't get the key out of the Ignition , the car does'nt start neither but I have all the ignition lights etc "

Steve - I laughed ... Laughed louder... :hehe: :D

Paul " what " :unsure:

Steve " Paul, you know AUTO gearbox................ you need to use Netrual or Park "

Paul " oh my .................." giggled. :blush:

Steve " you just wait... I will tell everyone on LOC" :P

Can't wait to see his febal excuse to this one.............. :winky:

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i've done it used my brothers car about a year back stopped to put petrol in it as he never lends anyone a car with fuel in it (tight git).phoned him from petrol station and said his heap had broken down only to be told the same thing ,how silly did i feel

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the handover date of car was delayed due having the ignition barrel being replaced under warranty. Took the car to work, fine, took the car home....

Oh :tsktsk: the keys are stuck, i was sitting parked up on a busy cheltenham street for 15 mins cursing the dealer, and thinking what to do, i just cant leave my couple of hours old motor like that.... :whistling: Everything was fine, lever was in N etc. Then I rang up the dealer at 40p a min, wait a couple mins to get hold of him, me told a you got to put it in P, how stupid did i feel :lol::lol:

And the first time my old man took her out to business meeting in cardiff, he rings me 10mins after his meeting was supposed to start, 'boy i cant get the keys out' :lol:

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steve you biyatcg ***** mofo.. lol

i was meeting geoffers in liverpool at a service station, parked up,, couldnt get the key out. ring steve and (in my defence) just as he was saying "paul you have too...." i had realised what i had to do..

so steve about that little deal on some wheels...errrr its offfff.....that'll teach ya... :P

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Did the same when I first got my Fazer 1000... Fuel light comes on for first time, pull in to gas station, can't get keys out - and of course you need the ignition key to open the fuel filler cap. Ended up pushing the bike to the side of the forecourt (with everyone watching) before realising key wasn't turned fully to 'OFF' position!

:yawn: :duh: :blush::blush:

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My father in law (who has a GS300) hired a Saab in France - arriveed at hotel and tried to remove keys but they wouldnt come out and this was in a MANUAL. With Saabs, you have to put them in reverse before you can remove the key - Imagine a 65 year old Irishman asking a Frenchman how to get the keys out of a Swedish car - took them over an hour to work it out :lol::lol:

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Other side of the story.

Used to driving my auto XJ Jag, pull up at a junction in one of the work vans. Engine stalls but I don't notice. Go to pull away and nothing happens.

My mate was creasing himself - 'remember to use the clutch young Jedi'

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