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Scary Moment (naked Gun Stylee)

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In regards to Fargos problem getting key out of the ignition I think that is a great feature for automatic cars

but I do not have it on my GS

I was in a hurry to get to the post office before it shut.. the post office is on a steepish hill. I pull up pretty fast and stop.. stopped the car and pull the key out of the ignition and jumped out the car.. whilst i get out i let my foot off the brake pedal

now I am physically outside the car when it starts rolling down the hill.... this was scary as there was a car in front with some old man trying to get outta his car.

Felt a right wally as people could see the car rolling and me trying to get in the car.. anyway stopped in time... seems i left the car in D

I did think this was strange as all the Auto's i hav driven would not let you take the key out of the ignition without the car being in P

Wondering if I have a problem?

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always put it in park and footbrake on.. but had a scary moment myself today.. I borrowed my managers company car..(first time driving a manual for 18mths ) parked up got out did what i had to got back in started it up and it was still in reverse,, just missed the brickwall behind

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Talking of autos. My GS was the first auto I had driven for 10 years.

When I picked the car up it was almost out of fuel.

I just got to a service station filled up, paid, got in to drive away and could not get the car to start.

It took me a while to sus that you cannot start an auto in drive.

Felt a right ******.

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mechanic got in the car today and did the same thing.. scary as i left the car in D again...

I have got used to the Manual and I forget to drop the car into P

Surely there is a problem.. I should not be able to take the key out whilst in D???

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