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Just got back from buying the needed piant, should be finished and fitted some Sunday along with a Chrome Sport Mesh Grill, will post some piccs when finished.

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cheers m8 its good us old gs boys can get a few bits.. Sure alex will pop up soon.. so cheers alex.. and what we got


something that starts with GR...

and uses a mesh ...

and some people like to use the word SPORT in front of it ...


No prize for the right guess :P

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don't want 1 of them alex !

still want some rear boxes though :winky:

What exhaust do you want?

the one with the highest power at high revs (and also making the most noise) or the one which is tuned for more power/torque at mid revs?

I found out that Tanabe is offering some nice Exhaust systems for the JZS147 incl. mid-pipe/y-piece and 2 mufflers :). But it will not be cheap.

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phew.. i aint th last one then.. got my eyelids on!

as the lids were already black I just bought some laquer and coated them.. seem on i guess.

Stuck them on and all is well.

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did you stick them with the tape that was on them or use silicone.. I used the tape as i was unsure about spraying them up to macth the car.. I now am thinking of taking them back off and spraying them..

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