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Hi Guys

Thats me just back from the Lexus Conferance at the Geneva Motor Show.

I took a few pics and thought I would share them with you. They feature a pretty view from my hotel window, the New GS, the RX400h, the Toyota Hybrid sports car and 'The Best in Show' (from the Lancia stand) :winky:

After seeing the new GS I am very impressed, these picture do not do it justice, it is a stunning car. It will blow away E class and 5 Series. It makes the new Audi A6 look fuddy duddy and probably has most in common, looks wise, with the new MB CLS500!!

If you don't have one ordered, get it done now!!

The RX400h looks a bit more 'meaty' with a new bumper and grill. Hybrid technology is the future, *** help any manufacturer who does not have their finger properly in this pie!






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Oh my gosh.

I really like that GS, its grown on me a lot, since seeing the detroit pics. Will this be available as a TT model or just the 430?

And I cant believe how criss that prius sport looks, because the saloon was :sick:

Thanks for taking the pics Ian :)

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looks much better now they have sorted the rear end

ah ha, thought they had fixed it, or has it just grown on me (since the Detriot pics)?!?!

Question is will these hold they value any better then the current GS's?

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Giugiaro has a shocker for Toyota

Independent design studios regularly use concept cars as advertisements for their talents. Giorgetto Giugiaro is the maestro who shaped a number of important vehicles, from the original Volkswagen Golf to the Fiat Uno, and is currently working on new models for Alfa Romeo. At the Geneva show this year he presents an idea for a flagship saloon for the Alfa range called Visconti.

Intriguingly, he is also showing a sports coupé that carries a Toyota badge and is named Alessandro Volta (right) after the Italian scientist who invented the Battery. It is a mid-engine sports car with a petrol-electric hybrid power unit. Toyota is especially keen on the hybrid idea. It has the Prius saloon on sale now, and later this year there will be a high-performance hybrid version of the Lexus RX400h sport-utility vehicle from its luxury car division.

Giugiaro proposes using the RX hybrid’s 3.3 litre V6 engine and two electric motors — one at each axle, providing four-wheel drive — in a lightweight carbon-fibre chassis. The result should be capable of 155mph, accelerate from 0-60mph in less than 4sec, and average almost 40mpg.

There is no word from Toyota about whether this project will go any further than a show car, but the companies have worked together before — Giugiaro designed the original Lexus GS300.

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Giugiaro designed the original Lexus GS300.Ah they got him back to work his magic again

indeed he has!!!

As much as I love it, I think that sports car looks a bit wannabe lambo tho? :blink:

Didnt he also do the IS? (which won the 'most beatiful car in the world' award 1999!!! :D

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stunning... now all i need is a big cash injection so i can buy the new GS ..defo up for a test drive in that one..

That 430 will easily be 45/50k+

Well Craig congrats on your job, looks like your gonna be PIMPing it ;)

Will the brake to Fog conversion look good on it tho? :lol:

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Yeah but just think what it could look like when you're finished dabbling with it :)

When are they supposed to be announcing the new IS then??

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The new GS looks very nice - not sure about the front end styling, but on the whole much nicer than the current GS (no offence to current owners).

Is there any info on Spec's and prices? I guess the one in the pictures is a 430 Sport with lowered suspension and larger (18"/19") wheels.

I'm surprised there wasn't an IS concept shown - afterall, the IS must be Lexus' most important model and needs some interest stirred up. If I was in the market for another IS sized car, I would be looking at the Accord 2.4 now - As much as I have loved my IS, it's getting a bit out-dated by the fresher models from other manufacturers.

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New IS is over a year away so it won't be shown yet.

yeah its over a yr away but other manufacturers models get shown well before they due to hit the streets

porsche new 911 has been shown and that not due til nxt yr

merc CLS been shown last yr and thats not out til nxt yr or end of this yr

and been hearin bout that beemer 1 series for ages now

sort it lexus

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