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Hi all,

My dad has just bought an R reg MKIV LS400, 135k on it from a Lexus dealer in Kensington green with Suffolk leather - it's lovely.

He used to have a Camry V6 and I have an Avensis auto (hopefully going to a GS300 soon though but at 20 the insurance may be a bit prohibative).

Anyway, the chap from Lexus said they would upgrade the sat nav software which from what I have read elsewhere also updates the other controls that appear on the screen.

What exactly does this update do? Does the screen look any different, any other controls other than new maps for the sat nav? Does anyone have any photos since it'll be a week or two until we get it back.

Cheers all.

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The womens voice changed tone on my one... Did'nt notice anything different as apposed to the menu system, that remained the same.

The version number on the disc will be different and the date, and you'll notice more roads available... except the new M6 toll road :unsure:

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If you have an early version of the software (V1.x or V2.x) then there is some added functionality with the new software and more options are available whilst the car is moving. Also it won't have full UK coverage.

Basically the updates add new places of interest and update the map data with new roads etc.

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