best obd scanner is200 year 2000

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Hi everyone. What's the best 

best obd scanner wifi/ Bluetooth that works on lexus is200 year 2000? If possible with on/off? 

So I could leave it plugged all the time? And what app best for android? 

Thanks in advance 

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On my RX I use a VGate Icar2 with Hybrid Assistant because I drive a Hybrid, but for a car with thermal engine there are other good apps, like Torque , Dashcommand or Carista, but my OBD Bluetooth interface is NOT the best even it works well; the main difference between interfaces is the data flow speed, so you have to decide if you need such a fast one or not accordingly with the use you plan to do, another difference is the presence of a switch to enable/disable it to avoid to disconnect it when not in use.

If you like to have a fast interface you can give a look to some ones suggested in Hybrid assistant page: http://hybridassistant.blogspot.com/p/obd.html

(Hybrid Assistant is a free android app developed by voluntary people to help understanding and optimizing hybrid cars )

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