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Warning Stolen V5 Registration Docs


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An important warning message.

Stolen v5 registration docs

We advise buyers of used cars to be particulary vigilant at the present time,as a number of documents (also known as log books) have been stolen from the dvla.

The documents in question fall into the following two categories:

A)Those that bear the prefix AP in their serial number (at the top left hand corner of the document)and fall within the following ranges:

AP 8022601 TO AP8024400

AP 9424801 TO AP9426600

AP 9430201 TO AP9432000

AP 9435601 TO AP9437400

AP 9448201 TO AP9450000

B ) Those that brear the prefix an and fall within the following range:

AN 8854201 TO AN8859600

if anyone is offered a vehicle for sale accompanied by one of these documents they should contact the dvla on 0870 241 1878, or your local police station

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With regards to the above

If you are wary of the V5 document look at the type font - it is totally different from the kind DVLA use

Furthermore, always, always, ALWAYS contact the previous keeper about the car - if you fail to make contact WALK AWAY

ALWAYS resist what appears to be 'too good to be true' - there is no such thing

Never EVER meet and buy at motorway services - aaargh!! the amount of people doing that still, you would not believe.

The stolen documents will soon become obselete as DVLA are now issuing new EU documents, which I am told will have been issued to every registered keeper of a vehicle in the UK by June.

Take care with used car buying - I unfortunately take stolen vehicles off innocent purchasers every week, without a chance of them getting their money back.

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