Electric problem IS200

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Hello there fellow IS owners. I'm having some strange problems with my car

  • High beams live a life on their own. They will turn themselves on with random interval and likewise turn themselves off with random interval. When they are on, flashing high-beams doesn't work to turn them off. Flipping the lights off and on again works half the time
  • One parking light + dash light stays on when light switch is in off position and ignition is off. It can be turned off by repeatedly switching between auto and off.
  • Battery is being drained over night
  • Fuel gauge reads empty occasionally

I'm guessing some water leakage is responsible for this damage. I checked the footwell fuseblocks and they seem pretty dry. Any ideas where to check and where the problem could be located?



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I think you'll need wiring diagrams and some electrical test gear such as a multimeter and possibly a clamp ammeter.

Unless you have these things then there's no point in going any further, although I'd suspect short circuits, bad earths and/or water ingress and the resultant corrosion of terminals/connections.

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Hi Peter,

Going back to when I had an IS, the windscreen was replaced after half a brick hit it. Around 6-9 months later I had a similar problem to you. If memory serves the wire that goes to the heating element along the bottom of the screen had been modified on the replacement screen. It leaked water that got into the back of the fusebox in the drivers footwell although the front of the fusebox looked OK the rear was corroded causing the problems. My local dealer had a go at cleaning it up but the problems persisted eventually needing a replacement fusebox. At the same time they sealed the leaking wire.

Hpoe that helps


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