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I Was Pick-pocketed For 2 Phones And Wallet


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Can anyone suggest the best method for me to obtain a crime reference number from Paris, France.

I was pickpocketed in McDonalds Restaurant outside Gard du Nord... The thieving *!*!**! got away with both of my mobile phones *Panasonic GD87 and my SonyEricsson P800). They also got my wallet with many credit cards.

To cut a long story short, my P800 was insured... however in order for the claim to be processed, the insurance company need a crime reference number... from France because that is where the incident happended?!?

I didn't have time to report the incident because I would have missed my train... let alone find a police station and a helpful citizen to give me directions to the police station.

Any ideas??? :crybaby:

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Thanks James... maybe I didn't explain it well...

How can I obtain a crime reference number from the Parisian police authorities while I am in London... is there any way I can get in touch or does anyone know any sites that I can get the address of a police station... are there any websites... can I visit the French Embassy (does one exist...pardon the ignorance)...

Does one see what I mean...

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You need a tourist office first to give you the number of a local Police Station


P a r i s t o u r i s t a n d c o n g r e s s o f f i c e

127, avenue des Champs-Élysées

75008 Paris

Tél. 33 (0) 8 92 68 31 12

M° Charles-De-Gaulle-Étoile

• Information desk on Paris.

Or here ........

Or even here ..........

Branch reception offices

GARE DU NORD - 10e (1) 45 26 94 82 Gare du Nord

Or even ...........

24 Hour Tourist Information - (1) 49 52 53 56

Only problem is the police might want you to sign the report :(

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I bought the phone from a mate at work when he upgraded but he had no software or cable.. i bought a cable off of ebay but the only software for download on the panasonic website does not work on M.E ..

Is there any chance you can do or get a copy of it ???



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Aha... I'm not sure if this is compatible with ME... however go to this link below and see if this helps... if not send me a message (containing where to send the cd to, work address if you want so its secure and not personal) and I will organise so that you can receive the software via cd...

However, this is for the USB... which is what I have... not sure about serial...

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