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These are two official replies from Lexus Customer Relations Re:  apple Car Play and Android Auto  after I asked what they are planning for ES owners without ACP  and AA   and are there any cost implications for ES owners.

1.  Initial Question:  Are we getting ACP and AA  as a retro fit?

Answer:   I completely understand how this is what we would consider a hot-topic amongst our Lexus customer's and has been in the collective mindshare for sometime now. I am happy to inform you that a retrofit program is in place, and at this point in time all I can share is that we have a projected date for May 2020 - the important thing is that you're vehicle is eligible for this and closer to the time more information will be made available. 

I hope this sheds some light on this topic, and thank you for contacting Lexus. 


2. Second question:  Will it be a free upgrade?

Answer: I wish I could clarify that for you, but there's still more to be determined and finalised before May and pricing is one of them I'm afraid. This will be known closer to the time and I'm sorry to tell you that we must wait until  then. 

So has anyone who might have a booking for an upgrade been told it will be free?? 


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"collective mindshare"


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