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Just beginning to enjoy my 2019 CT 200h F Sport, Tech and Convenience Pack. So far great to drive if rather different to my previous 2.0 Turbo HDI. Any one know if the mirrors can be set to fold when locking and open when unlocking? I know I have a button to do this but this is the first car of mine in twenty plus years not to have this feature. Really surprised at Lexus if this is not possible. Also anyone manage to get Connected Services to work? Cannot see how it finally connects to the car.

Will have other questions in time I know, but love the car so far.

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Hello Moleman you can set your mirrors to auto retract on your car but sorry I'm not sure how to as I've got  NX 300. if it's any help you can find the answer on you tube

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Hi Maurice, and welcome to the club. I found the relevant area in the CT handbook, is this any help?


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