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Tomtom Sat Nav On Pda

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I have just purchased an Ipaq h2210 and was looking at adding Sat Nav to it.

Is anyone using a PDA with Sat Nav software, (ie TomTom).

questions I have are

1. Are they any good?

2. where and how do you fit the PDA?


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I have a 2210 running Tomtom 2 with a Bluetooth GPS (fortuna clip-on).

Works very well although it is a bit fiddly to start / set up etc.

Have a look at the Pocket GPS website for good reviews, forums etc. There are also some good downloads - Checkpoint & free Speed Camera database, postcode locator as well as some good GPS tools.

I'm using a magnetic windscreen mount at the moment (suction cup to windscreen or dash, strong magnet for PDA) but I probably wouldn't recommend it for the 2210 unless its in a hard case. It holds the 2210 very well without the magnetic base supplied but tends to remove the Battery door when you remove the PDA! (which also shuts the PDA down) as the magnet is very strong.

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The speaker on the 2210 is fairly loud but I do have it at max volume which distorts slightly. I don't have any problems on the Motorway (worst road noise). Make sure you pick good alarm sounds for Checkpoint (so you don't miss any cameras). I have 2 alarms set, one at 30 secs and one at 10 secs.

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Some of the new iPAQs have very poor sound compared to the older Compaq ones. Worth testing before you buy.

I've got one of the HP iPaq 5450 and the speaker on there is basically *******.

I'm half tempted to get one of those cassette adapter things so that I can hear it properly but that will stop me listening to music then :(

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