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hi all,

a quick Q - i have been looking recently at items/ways of privacy etc on the net and found a few progs that mask ur IP addy( very slow though) - someone told me that routers do this?? is this correct and are there any other benefits to using one

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Routers use a thing called NAT (Network Address Translation)

Basicially you can have a router with an IP addy of and a network of computers behind the router with IP addy's of

and only allow ceriain protocols across the router to your internal network via a ruleset on the router. Then someone would not be able to communicate with the computers on your local network

This is probably the best way to protect yourself (other than a proper firewall etc..) and it dead simple to setup, most decent routers give you a good tutorial on this with web based admin etc..

look at a linksys or a netgear router !

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This won't give you much privacy though as the IP will probably still be traceable to you.

eg. I have an IP 81.x.x.x from my ADSL ISP. This one IP is then used by all the systems on my home network which have IP's, etc. All these systems however will be traceable to my 81.x.x.x IP.

In other words if someone wants to find you or DOS you etc, chances are they can still do it.

The programs that mask your IP are just public proxies. These will mask your IP OK but you are then relying on the owner of the proxy to maintain your privacy. Depends on your reasons for wanting privacy.

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