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I Hate....


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I know this has nothing at all to do with lexus or even cars but I just wanna show you lot what I have been up to this last week :crybaby:

After years of making excuses... the mrs finally got me to make a start on the new kitchen :shutit:

7 days later the new stuff is ready to go in (I hope) or should be later tonight :)

I hate that handy :tsktsk: Andy and Tommy Walsh!!!!! :shutit:

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nice to know other peeps are going thru the same as me, i wish id never bought this house.

i hope your gonna post some pics when its finished mate.

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I'm trying to get my husband to do up our kitchen -- it took him nearly a year to fit downlighters and paint it, so who knows how long it'll take to replace the kitchen!

But, seeing as you're so proficient now, perhaps you can pop over once you've finished yours?!?!

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