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As some here will know I have made a no fault claim with my insurers "Saga" for damage to my drivers side rear door, and rear wheel arch. See my post in the GS section "Rear door damage"

I can honestly state Saga pulled out all the stops in dealing with my claim including supplying a Mercedes "C" class as a cutesy  car. This came with totally free insurance cover with no excess or premiums of any sort for the duration of the loan estimated to be 31 days at the moment. Every step has gone smoothly with many calls from there claim handlers "Claim Fast" to check if I had any problems or questions. All the people I have spoken to were friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable about the process. They always returned calls promptly, and if they said they would ring me back they did.

My insurance renewal is due near the end of this month, and I have had my renewal as usual through the post. The Premium is exactly to the penny the same as last year, but my excess has been reduced "yes reduced" by £100. Needless to say I am renewing with Saga. When I first insured with Saga 2 years ago they were by some margin cheaper than all the other companies on Compare the Mearcat.

This is how insurance should be. Not this years premium will be £150 more this year with no explanation why. With my previous company "Churchill" it took me 5 years to get back my excess premium on a no fault claim. Then my premium went up. With Saga I have not had to pay my excess, and then reclaim it.

I have no affiliation with Saga, and would rely recommend members to check them out for price when renewal time comes round.


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