Rear light bulb help please - R590 LEDs not working?

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Hi all, 

Can't figure this one out so thought I would ask here.


These stupid rear light bulbs, much prefer the old bayonet fitments but hey.

So, I decided to totally upgrade all the bulbs to leds but the tail/brake lights are proving to be a right royal pain in the backside.


They will work for the main red lights but the brakes won't light up as this is as standard a duel bulb. On the other hand, I have had it where one bulb (drivers side) will work on the brakes if the passenger bulb is unplugged and the lights are turned off, but then go out again and refuse to work when the headlights/tail lights are turned on? Box standard bulbs work perfect without issue no matter what and this is now the 3rd set form different sellers! Any idea what it could be or any recommendations for a set of bulbs that will work.


Hope someone can help,



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Had a similar problem with my girlfriend's corsa where the 7443 dual filament LED bulbs would work as drl's but won't when you switched them to parking,in the end fitted normal brighter bulbs instead of leds,I even tried different leds but the results were the same 🙁

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The electrical connection on those LED bulbs can be a problem - using a single thin wire rather than a loop can mean they don't make good contact - try looking into the connector and seeing where the electrical contact is and bend the wire on the bulb accordingly. Also depending on how the bulb is made you may have to try it around the other way unlike a conventional bulb which will work either way around.

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