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Vin Checkup, Buying A Car!


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Hi guys,

Im new here, I am about to seal the deal on a 2003 sc430! I got a really good deal and everything about the car seems fine. However, the price does sound exceptionally low so I was wondering if there is any possibility of checking up on the car by its VIN. I think the car was made for use in the states, although it is in Italy now. Any info you can give me on searching about the cars background would be great! thanks in advance

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Not sure in your country... perhaps the local dealership.

Have you seen this car and met the person selling it?

Where was the advert placed?

Also how does the private seller want the money? cash, check?

Just be very carefull as thats alot of money to be dealing privatly with.

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HPI it

Get Lexus to check it out

Make sure you have all the docs. for the vehicle including documentation to prove that VAT has been paid for it or you will be liable for that too - is that why it is soo cheap?

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Well how cheap are we talking? If it's only say 10% lower than the equivalent dealer sourced one then it's about right for a private sale.

Bearing in mind that 10% off a dealer price is £3-4k.

I agree about the VAT issue I would check that out first.

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