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Monkeys Liked Mine!


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Anyone else ever taken their beloved's to a safari park?!

I took my IS200 to Woburn yesterday and one of the monkeys loved licking my bonnet!! He jumped on and started licking straight away!! I guess it was because it was damp and cold...?

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me at the time, but here are the dirty footprints he left behind!

The monkeys at Woburn don't seem to trash your motors! They just like jumping on them, then bouncing off again! Really funny sometimes!!

Anyway, for those who are interested, here are pics of some dirty footprints on my bonnet!! Riveting stuff!


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I shall have a careful look at the paint when it gets washed and if there are scratches I shall get the mrs' to take hers next time!

It was only the one little geezer that was on it! He was only having fun!

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No chance no monkey getting on me car!!!!

Reminds me of a funny story about a guy i used to work with.

He thought it would be a really good idea to take his missis to Longleat Safari Park and have a day out, all was going smoothly until they reached the monkey enclosure whereby all hell broke loose..............he said the monkeys came from everywhere looking like Kwik Fit Fitters(Were the monkeys to trust)!!!!! :ph34r:

Started by ripping off his number plates then moved on to taking the wash and wipe system away from his car and sticking it up a tree......he could not move the car as there were other cars in front!

He told me they seem to have been laughing as they all walked off with parts of his car.

And to top it all off...................the last monkey to climb of the car urinated all over the windscreen and he couldn't wash it off coz they had nicked the stuff.

Morale of the story...........................Monkeys hate Ford Mondeo's!!!!!!!!

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