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I know that there has been previous posts relating to faulty instrument panels but im am trying to clarify the issues other people have had with theirs.

I have a 91 Celsior and the lighting in the panel is working fine, however the tachometer does not function correctly, it intermittently just does not move, while it is like this it is still well lit.

Is this the same issue as the lighting issue other people are discussing?

Does anyone know whether this is related to the the same circuit boards described in other posts?

Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance.

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Just a thought, when my instruments finally reappear, all the needles are briefly 'at rest', and as indicated in my other post, the trips dont appear to function when the dash lights are off!

So..... it may be that your problem is actually allied to the same transistors as mine, except not all of them. Maybe only the one that affects the needles moving (but I'm guessing)



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Hi Dave thanks for your reply.

Sometimes when I start the car the instrument panel lights up ok but the Tach is pointing to around 3000rpm, just stuck there.

Eventually it will start working but untill it does it just sits there well it and not at rest. Do you or anyone know whether it may be related to the connection to the coil? Or am I just not wanting to have to deal with the dreaded instrument panel? :P

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Sorry, never seen that problem. Sounds more mechanical than electrical ie a dirty bearing 'holding' the needle or somesuch

Give Maria at dsautoelectrial a pm, maybe they've heard of it, they've certainly done a lot of work on Lexus instrument panels



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