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Half Leather Upgrade Problems

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My half leather interior arrived today by way of Altezzascott in his little red van hehe Thanx again m8! and im having problems witht the wiring of the front seats.

when i did my aftermarket stereo last week i noticed that the wiring for the heated seats was there,all that was missing was the swithches so i pressumed all the wiring would be there for the seats,but things aint matching up :( on the leather seats there is a big yellow connector which im told by lexus is the airbag,this is fine because it fits the yellow connector in the car but the other connector is a white 4 wire connector and in the car its 2 seperate 2 wire connectors ive worked out that 2 of the wires in the seats are power to the seat belt sensor (which matches the colours of one of the plugs in the car) so i gather the other set is power for the 6 motors and the heat but the clours dont quite match the plug in the car,ive tried connecting them but they arnt working.and to to add confusion theres only one 2 wire plug on the drivers side (in car) which is for the seat belt sensor.

I would appreciate any input any1 has on this subject as i really need to get it sorted.

can someone check there fuse box for me and tell me what there seat fuse is labelled asand which fuse box its in.

F.A.O chris shiply

can you please get me part numbers and prices for the 2 heater switches :)

:crying: thought it was gonna be easier than this :crying:

Thanx in advance guyz

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