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Just A Quick Introduction

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Hi all. I just thought I'd introduce myself quickly. I'll probably be around quite a bit as I'm very interested in Lexus automobiles - primarily the LS series.. I'm also a big Cadillac enthusiast - I own - but I know quality when I see it.. It's hard to not LOVE what Lexus has done in such a short amount of time. Sure, Toyota has been around for decades - but Lexus quality hasn't been. To me, the only comparison comes from Mercedes - and they're even falling apart lately..

Anyways, I often hang around - that's where I find the link to this place. I do as much research as I have time to do so I'll be in and out frequently...

You might notice in my signature. There's really nothing happening there yet. If anyone has any advice for me, I'd appreciate it. I like making sites for all my interests so if you've got any ideas, send 'em along...


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Hi there. What do ya mean? If you mean what I think you mean - nah.. I don't see any Lexus owners looking to convert to Cadillacism. :P They're really two completely different cars.. Cadillac is moving toward a BMW feel - which I'm really not happy about. I mean - it's nice that they're being competitive with one of the best automobile-makers in the world - but I'm not a big fan of "hard" cars. I don't like feeling bumps, I don't like cold, hard interiors - and I don't need the greatest handling vehicle... I had a Corvette and it wasn't worth the harsh ride. The only time I could ever enjoy what the car was made for was when I was speeding - which can get my license taken away.

That's when I was 100% positive luxury cars were my passion. I can use the amenities 100% of the time...

Don't take this the wrong way, but - to me - Lexus is what Cadillac used to be - in all the good ways. Forget about reliability - Lexus has that won hands down vs Anyone! But the soft, plush, luxurious experience reminds me of what Cadillac used to be.. And that's one of the reasons I'm a big fan of Lexus. They remind me of my favorite cars from years ago. Only now they've got every cool option you can imagine.. A refrigerator! Now that's what I'm talking about!! :P

But you just can't deny how amazing a Lexus is.. Just sitting in the car and feeling that unique leather-seating is impressive. Then the quiet of the interior and soft ride make it even more unique and appealing..

I REALLY hope Lexus never decides to make the LS compete with the BMW 7-series.. I think it's very important to have that soft ride...

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I REALLY hope Lexus never decides to make the LS compete with the BMW 7-series.. I think it's very important to have that soft ride...

Remember that is a UK site and our models are normally sprung harder than in the US although still not as much as the German models.

You may want to checkout the US site if you haven't already:

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