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Hi - I had one of the injectors blowing back, so decided to take them all out and replace all seals.  All was OK, a few little issues along the way - ended up needing new rubber seals, as there was not enough pressure as two failed on rebuilding - the car would start but not run.

I've since put all the injectors back in with new copper and rubber seals, checked all connectors, pipes, everything.  No codes, no leaks (that I can see or smell) but the car won't start.

I'm getting around 7-9,000 psi on the rail, so looks like the pump and HP pump are working, I've primed three times, checked that is fuel at each injector but still no starting.

The car is connected to a Battery charger now, but the Battery is 5 weeks old and it's cranking like mad but feels like a one cylinder engine as it 'chugs' when cranking but no fuel seems to be getting to the engine.

All new glow plugs too....any help is very much appreciated.

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Hmm, this is a pickle.

When priming, I assume you can hear the pump running?

Also, do you have TechStream?  If not, then it looks like you will need it for the next stage that the manual suggests.  This is what it says:


So, as you can see, you need to do the active test to make sure the pump is working.

Hope this helps.

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Hi - thanks for the message.  Yes, I can hear the pump running when priming, and get a nice little puddle of diesel too.  

I have just ordered a cable and will download TechStream and see what comes up on that, since there are no codes.

Is it that I would need to code the injectors in, even if they are the original ones, but in different ports now?

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Hi Andrew,

I am actually not sure if they need recoding since I am unaware of anyone fitting the same injector in a different order.

However, since you need the TechStream software to code the injectors, it probably wouldn't hurt the run through the procedure anyway.

Hopefully that would solve the problem since it gets much more complicated from then onwards.

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Where’s the puddle of diesel? After mine sitting for some time it flattened the Battery trying to start it. Just though it was Battery on the way out but it was fuel leak. The clips on all the fuel line hoses were rusted to hell and had no leak when primed it the first time the second time straight after caused a big puddle. Car started and normally wouldn’t notice as was used every day. Cheap put time consuming to fix..

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