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Massive Thanks To Steveaudiox

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Just got my headrest's back this morning from steve and i could not be happier :D :D

I recomend him to anyone

that looks a top job

from a top man :)

is that interior standard, it sort looks a mix of the black and the cream ?? :o

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How or they plumbed in, do the cables run up the inside of the seats?

Looks pretty trick by the way

They are easy to wire mate. the cables fit throug the bars on the headrests and using a rod i pulled the cables through to the bottom of the seat, then getting them to the front under the carpet :D

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Thanks everyone...

Those were 5.6" monitors.. I had them to offer to do a garage clearout, as Duncan will tell ya from one of my old pictures :P

I would like to do everyone deals here on LOC. But do not want to break the rules..

I am waiting for somebody to open the shop :whistling: then we can all work something out.

Meanwhile be on the lookout for something else I may part with soon.

As for your question Kev Dodd on the Sony, I have never used them, what I find here with certain brands is that they are restricted to be region 2 only.

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Yes there would be that suppose!!! The Sony would be Region 2 only for me as I would get it staff sales! As Sony are one of the major players on the DVB forum etc who came up with the region encoding they will never sell direct a region free player.

However you can get them chipped!!

Cheers Steve, will keep me eyes peeled.

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