day 2 of owning a Lexus is250

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So as above, day 2 and a very steep learning curve is leaving more questions than answers.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The water temp. gauge is showing just below half way. Is that normal?

I cannot get the mobile phone to work. Although it connects via Bluetooth , the incoming call sounds like a machine gun with a clatter of 

static like noise.

My top grill is cracked and i have been looking for a replacement. Mine has 24 slats and all the ones i see on eBay have lots more.

Is there a size difference in these grills or was it just a style difference? My animal is 2009 and i saw somewhere that there was a facelift around that time? 

If so what to look for and did that affect the grill?

The plastic insert is cracked where somebody hit it above the VX.

Finally (for today)in the center armrest is a small 5mm? socket . What is that for?

Once again any tips would be appreciated


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Hi and welcome to the LOC, hoping you find the forum educational and informative,temperature gauge half way or slightly lower is normal,the 5mm socket is most likely your aux or your usb,I have got both in my is250 f sport 

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