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Taking advantage of the beautiful weather today, and the inability to go and do much else, I decided to give my NX a full Spring clean. The rain over previous weekends has meant little or no chance for any cleaning, so today was the first wash in five or six weeks. Living where I do in rural Wiltshire, rest assured it was on the 'bloody filthy' side of dirty! The car had a GTechniq ceramic coating applied professionally when new.

Starting with a thorough snow foam using Bilt-Hamber Auto-Foam, the car was then decontaminated using CarPro TRIX , washed using Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wash, and dried. Wheels were cleaned using Bilt-Hamber Auto-Wheel. The glass was then sorted using Autoglym Glass polish, before going over the bodywork with Koch FSE to remove any remaining water marks.

I chose to use a liquid wax that I haven't used for ages - Bilt-Hamber Hydra Wax. This is a carnauba based product that I've had good results with previously but for whatever reason it has sat neglected on the shelf for years. Anyway, it is easy to apply and remove - as with most products less is definitely more - and has given a nice result, albeit without the flake 'pop' that I get with c2v3. 

Moving onto the exterior plastics, these were treated with Chemical Guys New Look Trim Gel (the same seemingly everlasting bottle I've been using for at least ten years!) before the Winter wheels were finished and treated with Bouncer's Looking Sharp wheel wax. Tyres were then dressed using Bouncer's Dress to Impress.

Finally it was time to give the engine bay and door shuts a quick tidy up. although they weren't in bad shape considering.

Anyway, that was my day - and very enjoyable it was too! 😁






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Can't fault that regime  you can be proud of the results  ;love the colour 


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