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is220d injector pipe leaking

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Hi all,

Just bought an IS220D as "Spare or Repair" as it was chucking out white smoke... Common issue im finding out. The owner used it a couple of times to drive the couple of town miles to work and didnt want to drive it after seeing the smoke. After reading on here i concurred with her chap that it was probably the DPF/EGR so had a gamble on it. Its a lovely drive apart from the smoke and the turbo lag lmao.

After a few days i took the car on a nice A road blast to see the inlaws and on the way back, when I stopped of at the drive thru I saw smoke coming in through the air vents and from under the bonnet!!! There was also a smell of fuel which had been persent for the past couple of trips i'd had in it. That's when I saw the fuel leak from the fuel pipe going to injector 1 (red arrow).


I took the pipe off and gave the ends a clean and inspection and it looked fine (to my eye anyway) so refitted it, now its leaking from underneath the nut (green arrow).


I'm stumped, what have i done to make it stop leaking from the top and now start leaking from the bottom? What would cause this to happen initionally? How would I fix this? Answers on a postcard... Or preferable on here 🙂 TIA

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Hi Andrew,

There is probably a member on here that has done it and can provide the answer.

All I can do i'm afraid is give you want the manual says about installing the pipes:


As you can see, you need a special tool to torque it down properly so I am not sure if there is another way around this.  I would suggest just tightening it further, but it is a high pressure system, so that may not be the best idea.

Perhaps a local garage might be able to help?

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Thanks for your reply Shahpor, thats a bit of help at least a decent starting point 👍 Greatly appreciated.

Looks like i've followed it apart from the torque setting, may drive it to a garage tomorrow then if I can find one open?! 🙄

If there are any more clued up members available to help in the meantime it would also be appreciated... Cheers

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Those fittings are usually tapered with broad mating surfaces, so provided they are clean then the usually nip up and seal nicely. 


Maybe yours has some dirt/grit trapped in there that's preventing a good seal?

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