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Hi all. My wife likes to leave the CD player on when she turns off the car. I assume that the CD player should be on when the car is started but it doesn't always come on. Has anyone ever had that problem? If so, any suggestions for a solution? We have a 2000 GS300.

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I didn't want to start another thread and the title of this suits my problem, so.....

Since this winter has come, along with the cold weather, my 1996 Series I CD player says "Err" on the screen everytime I turn it on and this is even after using it and then stopping the car and then turning it back on again next time.

After turning it off and on a couple of times it plays, sometimes jumping.

It was fine last winter and I have tried a CD lens cleaner without any improvement.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Probably the same as leaving the windscreen wipers mid-screen by switching off the car. However, the effect with audio equipment especially CD players is not recommended since the surge in electric power before its distributed and made available to the whole car can boost up to a blown fuse or other electronic circuit failure.

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Ignition Switch

The ignition switch allows the driver to distribute electrical current to where it is needed. There are generally 5 key switch positions that are used:

Lock- All circuits are open ( no current supplied) and the steering wheel is in the lock position. In some cars, the transmission lever cannot be moved in this position. If the steering wheel is applying pressure to the locking mechanism, the key might be hard to turn. If you do experience this type of condition, try moving the steering wheel to remove the pressure as you turn the key.

Off- All circuits are open, but the steering wheel can be turned and the key cannot be extracted.

Run- All circuits, except the starter circuit, are closed (current is allowed to pass through). Current is supplied to all but the starter circuit.

Start- Power is supplied to the ignition circuit and the starter motor only. That is why the radio stops playing in the start position. This position of the ignition switch is spring loaded so that the starter is not engaged while the engine is running. This position is used momentarily, just to activate the starter.

Accessory- Power is supplied to all but the ignition and starter circuit. This allows you to play the radio, work the power windows, etc. while the engine is not running.

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Mine does the same mate specially in certain slots, I always find taking the tray out and putting the CD's back in helps, check for moisture there too.

It's any slot for me.

I've got a feeling it's the cold/damp weather, but it does it even after it's 'warmed up' and didn't do it at all last winter/ever. Series I boots are notorious for water/damp though, so this could now be the problem. When I get time I'll strip it down and give it a good clean while I'm at it.

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