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3.0 Soarer Opinions


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I'm new to this forum, and thinking about a 3.0 litre Soarer. Can anyone give me some info on the pros/cons of the 3.0 versus the 2.5tt or the V8 please?

Just interested in the basics and any running cost comparisons.



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i have a V8 and its plenty quick enough , illegal speeds come up on you very fast ,i've had mine up to "mach 2" and it gets there with no effort ,

however the std 3 ltr would be sluggish in comparison ,but they are very popular in the states as there are more bolt on extras like turbo's

superchargers etc , visit clublexus , the american site it might give you a better insite as to what can be achieved with a 3ltr

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Hi Kristor,

I was looking at buying a Soarer about 8 months ago, the 3.0lt although the unloved of the 3 models, was the one i was most interested in.

Why you ask ..... if you love the shape of the Soarer and not that fussed with performance or gadgets, the 3.0 is the one for you.

Performance i'm told is about 7.5 sec to 60 so not that bad,and the running costs ( fuel ) should be better than the 2.5tt or V8, the engine is from the supra family so you should be able to get service parts off the shelf.

I got a few insurance quotes but there was no or little difference between the 3.0 or 4.0 models.

What put me off in the end was the running costs of a car that now over ten yeas old, alot of items are expensive to source for the soarer , so weather you need the dash display repaired or new front suspension bushes,your going to have to dig deep into you pockets, if you've fallen in love with the shape of the car then maybe you can live with the costs ,the choice is yours :D .

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The 3 litre Soarer is just as much a quality car as those with the 2.5 litre or 4 litre engines.

I would suggest it is also the least expensive Soarer to run with the most readily available engine parts since the same engine is used in offcial UK model Toyota's and Lexus's. [yes the 4L V8 is used in the Lexus LS400 but you're still paying Lexus prices]

I would also suggest the popularity of the TT and V8 over the 3 litre, in the UK is due to the fact that the 3L was not introduced until 1994 so the first reasonabley priced Soarers to be imported from Japan would have been the early models, ie. the TT and V8. As time goes on I think we may see more 3 litres being imported. The first 3 litres are now 10 years old thus negating the need for an SVA.

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Hi Kristor I just sold my V8 for a 3.0 ltr Soarer, V8 noise is nice and it is quick, only had a quick shot of TT and it scared the hell out of me, though you would get used to it.

Opinions on the 3.0 ltr having had it now for 2 weeks. The one I have is a low mileage well looked after one with a rare japanese serice history. This was a contributary factor in going for it. It aint no slouch when you push the pedal down, not being that much slower than the V8 and in general the road holding and feel is better than the V8, air bags ideal for comfort but can get a little walloay on cornerning. Fule consumption still working out town figures but at 65 mph will give 32 mpg. :D

Engine parts easy to source as has already been mentioned for the 3.0 ltr the V8 though the same engine as LS 400 does not share the same alternator, (as I found out on getting parts for recon), power steering pump is different from LS 400 ( but can be modified to fit). If and when the power steering pump on the V8 leaks the fluid goes into the alternator.

So to summarise:

I would not be put of by the 3.0 ltr and its a pity its the 'lesser soarer' as it still turns heads as it goes by and still gives a nice exhaust note. And still can give some fun if desired

The V8 is a reliable cruiser, fast, comfortable, but air bags are expensive if they need replaced.

The 2.5 TT the hooligan of the bunch lots of fun and power, proven reliable engine, but get turbos checked before parting with money, Recomended to get one of these with traction control, if you can find one.

As has been mentioned, have a look around and try out all models, before you make a decision. Hope this helps good luck in your search.

If I may be so bold you could check out for a wider soarer view. ( hope this link permitted by moderator if not sorry)

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I have a great metallic blue 3L Soarer in pristine condition, which as chance would have I'm forced to sell due to work abroad. 1995 Model with full Japan and UK service history, also RAC inspections etc. Anyway, if you'd like some pics that were taken at the weekend, let me know and I'll email them to you.

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To be honest, all the soarers are superb cars, all quick luxury coupes so you can't really go too far wrong.

Ask yourself what you want from this car. If you want to tune it up, break 14 seconds on the qtr mile, then you need to buy a TT. You better buy one with decent turbos though!

If you like all the extras (touchscreen, stack changer, heated seats, vibro mirrors etc etc), you like a smooth refined ride, not afraid to spend some money to tune the engine, V8 is for you. The engines are rock solid and give a great tone with intake/exhaust mods.

If you want something really special, something rare and enviable to the soarer community, it has to be an active suspension model (UZZ32).

If you want a more economical model try the 3 litre, they are nice cars, but not going to win any races. Parts don't come into it really, I buy all my JDM parts from Toyota and I have a 4 litre.

My advice is to sort out what you want first based on these distinguishing factors, then make your decision.

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Go for the TT m8, its a Scooby duster, 17mpg, does not have all the goodies as a V8, but very tune-able. Will beat a standard Supra TT along any given stretch of road, and if your lucky, you may get a Soarer with well over 450 Brake and will beat any suped up TT, 450 TVR, Skyliner, GTO TT, SX 300 TT, new M3. . . . . . ect.

Visit, uk lounge, and you'll get vids of Bedlam and his Soarer with hybrid turbo's, he was the man who influenced me to buy a TT. his car "left" the rollers at 410bhp, and a lot more has been done since.

Perfection or what??

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