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b,b.b.but its a personal website

its also a website where you have to pay money to look at pictures of someone with no clothes on - you know where we keep stuff like that matey :winky:

oh well  sorry matt..

no biggie Paul ;)

*cough* TÖSSER *cough* oopsie did i just say that?!

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*cough* TÖSSER *cough* oopsie did i just say that?!

from the Forum Terms and Conditions I have pointed out to you before

Forum conduct and message content

We take the "be polite" rule VERY seriously! We do not tolerate ANY rudeness or swearing (including modifying words to escape our profanity filter). Any member who is intentionally unpleasant or disruptive will receive one warning, and will be permanently banned from LOC after a second offence.

This post breaches

1 - the be polite part

2 - modifying words to defeat the profanity filter

membership suspended for 7 days

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