Lexus LS400 Powder Coated Cam Covers Inlet Manifolds and other parts.

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LS400 Powder Coated Engine Parts in Red
Includes cam covers, lower and upper  inlet manifolds, crossover pipe, thermostat body, tensioner body, idler body.
All recently professionally powder coated, will look great on an engine.
Moving house [eventually...!!] and to good to scrap.
Free to members, I would ask you to please cover the postage only.
Many thanks 
Items located near Dundee







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Hello Bill and welcome to the LOC.

Wow very nice, could I take you up on the offer, more than happy to pay any shipping charges.

I have got to replace my passenger side valve cover gasket amongst all the other projects I finally have time to do on the car so these could be fitted at the same time.

Got the remote locking sorted yesterday, windscreen washers done today and front wing damage begun.

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Hi Steve

You are very welcome to have the items.....please let me know your delivery details and I'll get a quote for postage for you.

Best Regards and stay safe


07902 409775

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