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On other Posts, I noticed members suffering the same problem as me with unexpected flat batteries after leaving car

for a few days without a run.   After some investigation, I found that the Smart Key system puts a drain on the Car Battery.

The way to combat the drain is to turn off the Smart Key system and only use the Radio Signal on the key to open and lock the doors.

To switch off the Smart Key system,  go to page 53 on the car handbook and follow the instructions.  Its a very difficult procedure, as you have to

lie on your back and put your face into the underside of the console on the Drivers side.   I was unable to do it because of age and health problems,

but my son found the button and switched off the Key System.  No problems with starting since that was done.


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ah then  !  you clearly have the Ultra Smart Key System on your Ls430 ......  being able to turn it off

well done :yes:


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