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Hey guys, after a long departure from posting and working on the car I am now back with some time to start getting the car on the road.

Previously I had a mk1 NA GS300 but I moved on to the Aristo V300 vertex which has been sat still for the past 8 years due to changes in jobs and lots of travelling and as you know a modded V300 does not like to be a commuter car as it returns terrible mileage.

I have got it back up and running this weekend, after 7 years without a start it went after charging the Battery, changing the fuel and cleaning the plugs first turn of the key, so now begins the road to getting an MoT and progressing on with all of the things that have been on the back burner for such a long time.

As I have been out of the loop I will have a ton of questions on the who what where and whens of what is good and what is not but at the moment the plan will be to get the perishables done and some general tidying up carried out as its all a bit tatty at the moment.


Catch you on the forums

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Welcome back to the LOC  Paul

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