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This is my first post, so sorry if it's a noobie question.

I've just bought a 2000 Mark II GS300 SE - I love almost everything about it, but the ride sometimes feels a little odd. When driving along uneven roads, the car feels unsettled, and on very uneven roads the best way to describe the ride is 'confused'. Most of the time the ride is quite harsh, even with the tyres down 3psi on the recommended pressures. It's got the Lexus standard 17" Bridgestones fitted.

Another strange thing is the power steering - I've noticed that when driving along country lanes the steering sometimes goes 'slack' when turning into a bend, and then a fraction of a second later responds to the steering input - very disconcerting.

Is this normal? Or am I just suffering new car paranoia?

Any comments gratefully received!


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Hi Dave,

I'm still not entirely happy with my IS200 on uneven roads (the only real gripe I have on the IS, actually). I think you are referring to the same "problem", like tramlining on ruts in the road, and the feel like even the back end steps aside on uneven roads as you are just driving straight. On nice flat tarmac it just handles sharp as a knife, but on some patched pieces of motorway it just would like to jump into another lane if you're not reacting quickly (exaggerating just a bit). On some bumpy b-roads just staying on the road can be tiring.

For now I'm thinking a couple of things are working together in this: responsive (sporty) suspension geometry paired with the soft standard (comfortable) springs and stabilizers, and the low profile (45) tyres on 17" wheels. Four wheel alignment is checked, I'm hoping for some improvement with new tyres with softer shoulders.

Interestingly enough, a brand new IS200 Sportcross from the Lexus dealer wasn't much better with its 16" standard wheels+tyres. I'll be watching these kinds of threads as they have appeared before, both on IS and GS models. My IS has high mileage, I was also wondering how long suspension bushes last. What's the mileage on yours?

Sorry if this wasn't of any real help,



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Is you car the face-lift model or pre Nov 2000? Suspension was improved on the face lift but still is a little unsettled.

Pre 2000, yes unsettled and sometimes harsh and very bad on the Sport model.

Steering may need getting use to but never really experienced what you have described.

May be worth getting full wheel alignment and suspension/ball joints checked out.

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