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Hi everybody, I’m looking to get a Lexus GS300 2001 soon. I’m getting it for a few reasons, such as missing driving my Ford Grand Marquis, it was comfortable and powerful with a head turning V6 engine. It’s clear cut that Lexus is a very reliable and safe car. I can’t afford an ISF this year so in the meantime I want a GS300 and I’m not sure about the GS430. But I have a few questions. 

1- Does deleting the muffler to increase exhaust noise damage the car? 

2- What are the most common things to watch out for before buying one? 

3- What are the essentials to maintain the GS300? 

4- What are the pros and cons of owning one?

Thank you

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Welcome Mo.

1 - No, doesn't damage the vehicle.

2 - some things to look out for are listed here:


3 - Beyond normal servicing (which is minor / major / minor / major etc. every 10k miles/1 year), the things to check are spark plugs every 60k miles and timing belt every 100k miles).


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Hi, what is it about the GS430 your unsure.? I bought a GS300, about eight years ago as a fill in whilst my G Wagon was being fetlled. 

I was well impressed, (my first Lexus) and being a lover of V8's I chopped it in very swiftly for a 430 (MY2000) which I still have.

So what was meant to be a temporary addittions, I still have eight years later.

Only thing I would say is try and find an honest specialist. Main Dealer is very expensive and not all "specialists" are quite as you might like them to be.


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My 430 Sport is my first Lexus and it was bought as a daily to keep the miles down on my other cars... That being said I love the thing, its so comfortable and goes well for a large car... Mine had been 'played' with by the previous owner and IMO it looked awful... I could see through all this and it took a month to souce the standard bits needed to put back to how it left the factory cosmetically and now its back to a standard looking triple black (rare) GS430 Sport.

I've just purchased a complete set of front suspension arms, ball joints, track rod ends and ant-roll bar bushes as theres a few front end knocks etc so when this is done it'll all be brand new and tight again... My son will take it off me in a year or so as he's fallen in love with it.

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