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Got My New One - And It's Great


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Thanks for kind comments.

Y reg goes back on Saturday - new one is on the MY 04 plate.

It's a Sport and reading the posts about the new spec for the SE and Sport that will include leather, I'm almost glad that I didn't get leather because last Autumn when I had an IS300 as a loan car for the day, both wife and daughter remarked that the full leather seemed a bit plasticky.

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Does the new IS come with smoked Foglights?

Good point there mate, the fogs do look darker on the new model in the picture - would never have noticed!

Might have to get mine swapped out as they won't stand out so much on the darker colours...

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Sorry UKPulse - didn't mean to offend anyones sensibilities!!!

I did say that the Wife and Daughter remarked thus.

I had a look earlier at the front fogs and they don't look that much different, I'll line both cars up next to each other tomorrow and check.

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Not at all mate, just pullin yer leg :winky: Would tend to agree in a way - the full leather in my 200SX was much nicer than the IS300 job.

Anyways, according to another thread, I'm told the leather/ecsaine is much better at soaking up trumps :lol::lol:

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